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Airmeez IVA with intelligent AI natural language is always learning on the job. Eliminate capacity limits and caller wait times while also increasing their satisfaction. Airmeez delivers a more personalized experience, saves caller preferences, increases accuracy, and integrates seemlessly with other automated workflows like post-call surveys and ourbound appointment reminders

Intelligent Virtual Assistant (IVA)

Featured Items

Product information, order status updates, returns and refunds, account management, support and troubleshooting, and personalized recommendations.

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Room booking and reservation inquiries
Check-in and check-out assistance
Room service requests and inquiries
Concierge service requests and recommendations
Event planning and coordination assistance
Billing and payment inquiries

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Customer service and support
Citizen inquiries and requests
Employee HR support
IT support and help desk
Fraud detection and prevention
Compliance monitoring and reporting
Public safety and emergency response
Administrative tasks and document processing
Health and human services support.

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Admissions and enrollment inquiries
Financial aid and scholarship inquiries
Course selection and schedule planning assistance
Student account and billing inquiries
Academic and grading inquiries
Library and resource inquiries.

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Appointment scheduling and reminders.
Symptom assessment and triage.
Health education and coaching.
Prescription refills and medication management.
Medical records access and management.

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