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Airmeez enables seamless communication between teachers, students, and parents. Automate workflows and reduce risk with emergency notification solutions.

Safety & Security for Staff, Students and Parents

Airmeez for Education

Self-Serve Solutions for Efficiency and Reduced Cost 

Enable students and faculty to quickly access important information, such as course schedules, academic resources, and campus news, through channels that make sense, without the need for direct communication with administrative staff. This frees up time and resources for staff to focus on more complex issues, while also providing students with greater autonomy and convenience in managing their academic experience.


provides an intelligent natural language voice assistant that is also learning on the job. Save caller preferences to increase efficiency and user satisfaction


Notify multiple active databases of any event via the channel of the recipients choosing with response tracking and location gathering.

Auto Form

Transcribe voice responses in any language to a finished form and automatically transfer to the proper department for review.

Web Chat

Enables a single agent (whose real phone number is hidden) to handle multiple chat conversations from a web-based interface.

Reduce Cost, Risk and Increase Efficiency

Cost-Effective: Cloud solutions eliminate the need for expensive hardware and infrastructure, reducing IT costs and freeing up funds for other critical areas.

Scalability: Cloud solutions can be easily scaled up or down as per the changing needs of the school, providing greater flexibility and cost savings.

Accessibility: Cloud solutions can be accessed from anywhere, anytime, and from any device with an internet connection, enabling students, teachers, and administrators to work from any location.

Collaboration: Cloud solutions facilitate collaboration among students and teachers, enabling them to share files, work on projects, and communicate more efficiently.

Security: Cloud solutions provide robust security measures, such as data encryption and backup, protecting sensitive student and school data from potential threats.

Disaster Recovery: Cloud solutions offer automatic backups and disaster recovery options, ensuring that critical data is safe and recoverable in the event of a disaster or data loss.

No Code Workspace 


Admissions and enrollment inquiries
Financial aid and scholarship inquiries
Course selection and schedule planning assistance
Student account and billing inquiries
Academic and grading inquiries
Library and resource inquiries.


Emergency alerts and safety notifications
Campus event reminders and updates
Course updates and announcements
Deadline reminders for assignments and exams
Tuition payment reminders and notifications
Library resource updates and reminders.

Auto Form

Enrollment and registration forms
Financial aid application forms
Housing and dining forms
Course evaluation forms
Scholarship application forms
Student health and wellness forms.

Web Chat

Admissions and enrollment inquiries
Course registration and scheduling
Academic advising and counseling
Technical support for online learning platforms
Financial aid and billing inquiries
Student life and campus resource information
Career services and job placement support.

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