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Reducing Risk and Improving Compliancy

Airmeez for Government

Airmeez can help the federal government automate tasks, such as scheduling appointments, processing paperwork, and managing databases, reducing the workload of government employees and increasing efficiency.

Self-Serve  Solutions for Efficiency and Reduced Cost 

Airmeez solutions can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of government agencies by automating routine tasks, such as sending reminders or processing paperwork, and allowing employees to focus on more complex issues. Airmeez provides a more convenient and accessible means of communication for citizens who may not have the ability to physically visit government offices or may have mobility or communication limitations. Overall, self-serve SaaS communication solutions can help increase citizen satisfaction, streamline government processes, and improve accessibility and convenience for all users.


provides an intelligent natural language voice assistant that is also learning on the job. Save caller preferences to increase efficiency and user satisfaction


Notify multiple active databases of any event via the channel of the recipients choosing with response tracking and location gathering.

Auto Form

Transcribe voice responses in any language to a finished form and automatically transfer to the proper department for review.

Web Chat

Enables a single agent (whose real phone number is hidden) to handle multiple chat conversations from a web-based interface.


Reduced Cost, Risk, and Increased Efficiency

Increased operational efficiency: Airmeez solutions can automate many routine tasks, such as call routing and inventory management, freeing up staff to focus on more critical tasks.

Why Choose Airmeez Cloud SaaS?

How Can Airmeez

Help Today? 


Customer service and support
Citizen inquiries and requests
Employee HR support
IT support and help desk
Fraud detection and prevention
Compliance monitoring and reporting
Public safety and emergency response
Administrative tasks and document processing
Health and human services support.


Emergency alerts to citizens during natural disasters or other emergencies
Reminders for upcoming tax or bill payments
Notifications to inform citizens about government initiatives, programs or events
Alerts for job openings or recruitment notifications
Notifications to inform citizens about changes in policies or regulations.

Auto Form

Tax forms
Benefits applications
License and permit applications
Employment forms
Passport and visa applications
Healthcare forms
Housing assistance forms
Education forms
Financial aid forms

Web Chat

Providing citizens with real-time support and assistance
Handling inquiries and complaints from citizens
Conducting remote consultations
Facilitating secure and private communication
Streamlining communication among government employees
Improving accessibility for citizens who have difficulty accessing in-person government services
Collecting and analyzing citizen feedback

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