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Airmeez provides a secure and efficient way to share patient information, streamline workflows, and improve communication between healthcare providers and patients.

Improve Care and Reduce Costs with Smart Automation

Airmeez for Healthcare

Self-Serve Solutions for Efficiency and Reduced Cost 

Patients can access information and services quickly and easily, reducing the workload of healthcare staff and improving overall patient satisfaction. Patients can use Airmeez to book appointments, request prescription refills, access test results, and receive educational resources, freeing up healthcare staff to focus on more complex tasks. Additionally, Airmeez can provide patients with greater control over their healthcare, leading to improved patient engagement and health outcomes.


provides an intelligent natural language voice assistant that is also learning on the job. Save caller preferences to increase efficiency and user satisfaction


Notify multiple active databases of any event via the channel of the recipients choosing with response tracking and location gathering.

Auto Form

Transcribe voice responses in any language to a finished form and automatically transfer to the proper department for review.

Web Chat

Enables a single agent (whose real phone number is hidden) to handle multiple chat conversations from a web-based interface.

Reduce Cost, Risk and Increase Efficiency

Improved data accessibility: Cloud solutions enable healthcare providers to access patient data from anywhere with an internet connection, making it easier to deliver care remotely and collaborate with other providers.

Enhanced security: Cloud service providers invest heavily in security measures to protect sensitive patient data, making it more secure than storing data on local servers or devices.

Increased efficiency: Cloud solutions allow healthcare providers to automate many routine tasks, such as appointment scheduling and patient reminders, freeing up staff to focus on more critical tasks.

Lower costs: Implementing and maintaining an on-premise IT infrastructure can be expensive, while cloud solutions offer a more cost-effective alternative by eliminating the need for costly hardware and software investments.

Scalability: Cloud solutions can scale up or down quickly, making it easier for healthcare providers to adapt to changing patient needs and business requirements.

Better disaster recovery: Cloud solutions offer improved disaster recovery capabilities, as data is stored in multiple locations and can be accessed from anywhere in the event of a disaster or outage.

No Code Workspace 


Appointment scheduling and reminders.
Symptom assessment and triage.
Health education and coaching.
Prescription refills and medication management.
Medical records access and management.


Appointment reminders
Test results and reports
Medication reminders
Emergency alerts
Health campaigns and promotions
Billing and payment reminders

Auto Form

Patient registration forms
Insurance claim forms
Prior authorization forms
Referral forms
Patient consent forms
Patient history forms
Employment and disability forms
Prescription refill forms

Web Chat

Patient support and inquiries
Appointment scheduling and reminders
Medical procedure and treatment information
Billing and insurance support
Virtual consultations and telemedicine
Mental health resources and support

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