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Save Time Offshore to Reduce Costs and Improve Operations

Airmeez Offshore

Airmeez provides real-time communication with offshore personnel, ensuring timely and accurate responses to emergencies, and enabling remote monitoring and management of offshore assets.

Self-Serve  Solutions for Efficiency and Reduced Cost 

Airmeez allows offshore operations to have greater control over their communication needs, without having to rely on external support or expertise. This empowers operations to quickly and easily set up and manage their own communication channels, without the need for specialized knowledge or technical expertise. Airmeez reduces costs associated with training specialized personnel at sea, provides greater flexibility and agility, and allows management to quickly adjust their communications channels to meet changing needs and demands. Airmeez can help organizations improve their overall efficiency, productivity, and responsiveness, while also providing a more streamlined and personalized communication experience for their employees and customers.


provides an intelligent natural language voice assistant that is also learning on the job. Save caller preferences to increase efficiency and user satisfaction


Notify multiple active databases of any event via the channel of the recipients choosing with response tracking and location gathering.

Auto Form

Transcribe voice responses in any language to a finished form and automatically transfer to the proper department for review.

Web Chat

Enables a single agent (whose real phone number is hidden) to handle multiple chat conversations from a web-based interface.


Reduced Cost, Risk, and Increased Efficiency

Improved connectivity: Offshore workers can access communication tools and services from anywhere, using any device with an internet connection. This can help improve connectivity and collaboration, allowing for better coordination between offshore workers and onshore teams.

Increased operational efficiency: Airmeez solutions can help automate many routine tasks, such as scheduling and reporting, freeing up staff to focus on more critical tasks.

Enhanced security: Airmeez invests heavily in security measures to protect sensitive data, making it more secure than storing data on local servers or devices.

Scalability: Airmeez solutions can scale up or down quickly, making it easier for offshore businesses to adapt to changing customer needs and business requirements.

Lower costs: Implementing and maintaining an on-premise IT infrastructure can be expensive for offshore businesses, while Airmeez solutions offer a more cost-effective alternative by eliminating the need for costly hardware and software investments.

Improved analytics: Airmeez solutions can collect and analyze data from various sources, providing valuable insights that can help offshore businesses optimize their operations and improve decision-making.

Increased safety: Airmeez communication solutions can provide real-time tracking and monitoring of offshore activities, enabling businesses to respond quickly to potential safety hazards.

Why Choose Airmeez Cloud SaaS?

How Can Airmeez

Help Today? 


equipment information, work order management, safety and emergency procedures, training and certification, environmental monitoring, and fleet management.


A notification solution can be used in the offshore industry for various purposes such as safety alerts, maintenance notifications, environmental monitoring, crew management, and equipment tracking.

Auto Form

Safety forms, streamlining maintenance and inventory management, simplifying supply chain forms, employee onboarding, and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

Web Chat

Remote assistance, equipment support, safety support, supply chain management, training and development, and communication.

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