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Marine Distribution Company Turns SaaS provider for Custom Business Communication Solutions

Who We Are

We are a small, family-owned business incorporated in Florida in 2004. Over the past twenty years, Marine Rescue Technologies Inc. (MRT) has expanded from a two-person enterprise to a sophisticated operation of thirty people and growing. We are a team of brilliant minds and diverse backgrounds. Our promise is to continually listen and respond to the needs of our customers, to share our knowledge, and to remain people centric as we grow. Since its incorporation, MRT has diversified its offerings to include Marine Distribution, Industrial Software, and Cloud Software (SaaS). As a wholly owned subsidiary of MRT, Airmeez is our cloud division and an emerging global SaaS leader offering our newly launched Airmeez Engagement platform.

Our Mission and Vision

MRT strives to grow and refine in alignment with our long-held values of reducing risk, increasing efficiency, and enhancing peace of mind for our customers. Airmeez aims to become the world’s leading provider of electronic communication management as a service as measured by minutes and messages.

What We Do

MRT has operated three distinct lines of business which have evolved organically and in response to customer requirements. The lines of business encompass the distribution of marine safety equipment and the development of premise and cloud solutions. These are briefly described below.

Marine Distribution

MRT began in the distribution of man overboard systems (MOBs) that alert, locate and retrieve persons in the water. MRT is unique in this area as we provide guidance and solutions that work in a variety of environments (Brown water, open water, lone worker, ATEX). The company has sold and supported rescue systems in over 51 countries worldwide. MRT continues to be the go-to global supplier in MOB guidance and systems.

AutoCrew Management System (ACMS)

AutoCrew Management System (ACMS) was our first software product and is 100% designed, sold, and supported by MRT. The system is web-based and installed on premise. ACMS is hardware agnostic and non-proprietary, meaning the system can be installed on any network and managed on any device connected to a network. Installations include oil rigs, accommodation vessels, platforms, and power plants. ACMS is the backbone and the engine to move our solution to the Cloud. We at MRT have always believed that providing a holistic solution, not just a product, was better value to our partners and a better solution to the end customer.

ACMS customers include Transocean, Maersk, Pickering, and Darlington nuclear plants, and the UK Navy.

Airmeez (Formerly Automated Cloud Notification System (ACNS))

Airmeez is a cloud-based, multi-channel platform providing tailored solutions and unified communications to an endless variety of use cases. End users control their services from a single end-user interface from a single supplier (MRT). Customer sites include Fraser Healthcare, Mississippi Dept of Employment, Round Rock School Board (54 schools), Giant Eagle (450 Grocery stores), Northwest Bank, and US Social Security Administration.

The ACNS Suite of Solutions includes:

  • Outbound Notifications with response & location

  • AutoForm

  • Inbound Hotline(s)

  • Enterprise Chat

  • Auto Attendant

  • Multi-channel IVR with Natural Language

  • Integrated Voice Assistant

With continued success in the marine industry, MRT saw the opportunity to deliver its commitment to safety and peace of mind to new markets and customers. In our transition to SaaS, we at MRT discovered an area for improvement in cloud communications and a niche to better serve organizations looking to reduce risk and increase efficiency.

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