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  • Airmeez Deploys SoundHound to Deliver Effortless Conversational Experiences

    Airmeez’ AI based intent routing will now use SoundHound’s best-in-class voice AI to offer intelligent virtual assistants and notification services featuring natural language interactions across multiple communication channels. New York, NY.—January 26, 2023— Airmeez today announced they will be working with SoundHound AI, Inc. (Nasdaq: SOUN) technology to bring a seamless conversational AI experience to software-as-a-service intelligent virtual assistant, notification and customer engagement solutions. Intelligent Virtual Assistants (IVAs) are AI powered assistants that achieve the purpose of interactions while generating personalized responses by combining analytics and cognitive computing based on individual customer information, past conversations, and location. SoundHound’s advanced voice AI will now be deployed through Airmeez offerings, which include a customer communications platform as a service for building custom IVA, notification and other communication solutions using a no-code drag-and-drop design tool. This voice enablement will allow callers to interact with Airmeez applications, providing award-winning accuracy of intent detection, convenience, and cost savings in healthcare, government, education, and other markets. SoundHound’s proprietary Speech-to-Meaning® system will allow Airmeez to deliver a faster and more positive caller experience, improved efficiency of call centers, and reduce staffing challenges and costs for their customers. Built on Speech-to-Meaning® and Deep Meaning Understanding® technologies, SoundHound’s advanced voice AI platform provides exceptional speed and accuracy. Speech-to-Meaning technology tracks speech in real-time and understands the context, even before the user has finished speaking. Deep Meaning Understanding enables Airmeez IVA to address multiple questions and filter results simultaneously, allowing callers to communicate to Airmeez using natural human speech and with much improved accuracy. About Airmeez Airmeez is a customer engagement platform as a service, named after the Greek God of Communication. We handle all communication needs with both inbound and outbound engagement requirements. Airmeez delivers a conversational experience for automated interactions as well as transfer to live agent or chat agent when required. Airmeez is trusted by companies and governments around the world, including the Federal Government, the Province of Manitoba, Giant Eagle, Maersk Drilling, Ziply, The USCG and The State of Mississippi. About SoundHound SoundHound (Nasdaq: SOUN), a leading innovator of conversational intelligence, offers an independent voice AI platform that enables businesses across industries to deliver best-in-class conversational experiences to their customers. Built on proprietary Speech-to-Meaning and Deep Meaning Understanding technologies, SoundHound’s advanced voice AI platform provides exceptional speed and accuracy and enables humans to interact with products and services like they interact with each other—by speaking naturally.

  • Marine Distribution Company Turns SaaS provider for Custom Business Communication Solutions

    Who We Are We are a small, family-owned business incorporated in Florida in 2004. Over the past twenty years, Marine Rescue Technologies Inc. (MRT) has expanded from a two-person enterprise to a sophisticated operation of thirty people and growing. We are a team of brilliant minds and diverse backgrounds. Our promise is to continually listen and respond to the needs of our customers, to share our knowledge, and to remain people centric as we grow. Since its incorporation, MRT has diversified its offerings to include Marine Distribution, Industrial Software, and Cloud Software (SaaS). As a wholly owned subsidiary of MRT, Airmeez is our cloud division and an emerging global SaaS leader offering our newly launched Airmeez Engagement platform. Our Mission and Vision MRT strives to grow and refine in alignment with our long-held values of reducing risk, increasing efficiency, and enhancing peace of mind for our customers. Airmeez aims to become the world’s leading provider of electronic communication management as a service as measured by minutes and messages. What We Do MRT has operated three distinct lines of business which have evolved organically and in response to customer requirements. The lines of business encompass the distribution of marine safety equipment and the development of premise and cloud solutions. These are briefly described below. Marine Distribution MRT began in the distribution of man overboard systems (MOBs) that alert, locate and retrieve persons in the water. MRT is unique in this area as we provide guidance and solutions that work in a variety of environments (Brown water, open water, lone worker, ATEX). The company has sold and supported rescue systems in over 51 countries worldwide. MRT continues to be the go-to global supplier in MOB guidance and systems. AutoCrew Management System (ACMS) AutoCrew Management System (ACMS) was our first software product and is 100% designed, sold, and supported by MRT. The system is web-based and installed on premise. ACMS is hardware agnostic and non-proprietary, meaning the system can be installed on any network and managed on any device connected to a network. Installations include oil rigs, accommodation vessels, platforms, and power plants. ACMS is the backbone and the engine to move our solution to the Cloud. We at MRT have always believed that providing a holistic solution, not just a product, was better value to our partners and a better solution to the end customer. ACMS customers include Transocean, Maersk, Pickering, and Darlington nuclear plants, and the UK Navy. Airmeez (Formerly Automated Cloud Notification System (ACNS)) Airmeez is a cloud-based, multi-channel platform providing tailored solutions and unified communications to an endless variety of use cases. End users control their services from a single end-user interface from a single supplier (MRT). Customer sites include Fraser Healthcare, Mississippi Dept of Employment, Round Rock School Board (54 schools), Giant Eagle (450 Grocery stores), Northwest Bank, and US Social Security Administration. The ACNS Suite of Solutions includes: Outbound Notifications with response & location AutoForm Inbound Hotline(s) Enterprise Chat Auto Attendant Multi-channel IVR with Natural Language Integrated Voice Assistant With continued success in the marine industry, MRT saw the opportunity to deliver its commitment to safety and peace of mind to new markets and customers. In our transition to SaaS, we at MRT discovered an area for improvement in cloud communications and a niche to better serve organizations looking to reduce risk and increase efficiency.

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    Each of our telecom partners offers something unique in message delivery. Depending on the requirements for each deployment, Airmeez will assist in choosing the best option for each customer’s unique needs. We don’t just offer one choice, but all of them. Of Our Sales Team: ​ "You exceed expectations. This exactly right. We are tremendously grateful. Thank you for your swift actions and keeping our customers happy! -Hospital Of Our Deployment Team: ​ The customer is extremely happy! They were appreciative of our promptness and availability as there calls rolled into the production system without skipping a beat! -Insurance Company Of our Support Team: ​ I really appreciate the quick turn around. Guinness World Records just called and mentioned this was the quickest resolution in 2020!" -Hospital Customer Engagement Platform As-A-Service Like You've Never Seen it Before ​ Request Demo Airmeez is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, requiring minimal training or technical expertise. This makes it easy for end-users to adopt and use the software, increasing productivity and efficiency. With a drag-and-drop flow design tool, the solution can be easily modified and self-maintained Design a more Customized Experience With Our Design Tool Request a Demo A More Human Virtual Agent With SoundHound providing award winning accuracy of intent detection, convenience and cost savings in healthcare, government, education and other markets. ​ Built on Speech-to-Meaning® and Deep Meaning Understanding® technologies, SoundHound’s advanced voice AI platform provides exceptional speed and accuracy Why SoundHound Speech Like the Human Brain This voice-enablement will allow callers to interact with Airmeez applications, providing award winning accuracy of intent detection, convenience and cost savings in healthcare, government, education and other markets. Allowing Airmeez to deliver a faster and more positive caller experience, improved efficiency of call centers, and reduce staffing challenges and costs for their customers. A Partnership making Leaps in Caller Satsfaction Press Release Speech Understanding at the Speed of thought Over The Top No Code Applications Notification of contacts of the occurrence of an event (active shooter or other emergency, appointment reminder, delivery delay, et cetera) with response tracking and location gathering. ​ Auto Form that transcribe voice responses in any language to a finished form which is transferred to the proper department for review. Call Back Assist provides the option for the caller on hold not to lose their place in line. Airmeez will call back when an agent is free based on a specific time. Web Chat enables a single agent (whose real phone number is hidden) to handle multiple chat conversations form a web-based interface. Airmeez Offshore Save Time Offshore to Reduce Costs and Improve Operations Offshore Airmeez for Retail Intelligent Customer Service Automation for a More Human Experience Retail Airmeez for Hospitality Smarter Efficiency for Faster Service and Happier Guests Hospitality Airmeez for Government Reduce Risk and Comply with Government Airmeez for Education Safer and Smarter Operations for Students, Faculty, and Parents Education Airmeez for Healthcare Increased Care and Reduced Costs with Smart Automation Healthcare What can Airmeez do for You? Airmeez IVA with intelligent AI natural language is always learning on the job. Eliminate capacity limits and caller wait times while also increasing their satisfaction. Airmeez delivers a more personalized experience, saves caller preferences, increases accuracy, and integrates seemlessly with other automated workflows like post-call surveys and ourbound appointment reminders Interactive Virtual Agent Learn More Robust Solutions with User-Friendly Operation Airmeez is self-serve, quickly deployed with low initial setup cost, and easily maintained and expanded as your business use case grows. Start Now Flexible flexibility of installation, so you can leverage your premise hardware with the added benefit of cloud scalability in a hybrid solution when required. Scalable A Subscription model without expensive hardware to maintain. You can add features, throughput and use cases as needed, no infrastructure required. Self-Serve Designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, Airmeez requires minimal training. This makes it easy for end-users to adopt and use the software, increasing productivity and efficiency. Smart Automation Airmeez uses AI and machine learning to streamline workflows and automate repetitive tasks; so employees can focus on more meaningful and work. The Right Message The Right Time Airmeez notification is the ultimate solution for businesses looking to engage with their customers in a more effective and personalized manner. With Airmeez notification, businesses can choose from a wide variety of notification channels, including email, SMS, push notifications, and in-app notifications, to communicate with their customers in a way that suits their preferences best. ​ Airmeez notification comes equipped with advanced automation capabilities that allow businesses to trigger notifications based on specific events or actions; ensuring maximum engagement and conversion rates. Learn More Scalable & Flexible Communication Airmeez is a facilitator of business communication solutions as a service. We integrate APIs, carriers, connectors, compliances, and business tools so you can build your own custom engagement solution with our flow designer or choose from one of our existing templates to address a pain point. Start Now

  • Airmeez for Government

    Reduce Risk and Comply with Start Now Airmeez for Government Airmeez can help the federal government automate tasks, such as scheduling appointments, processing paperwork, and managing databases, reducing the workload of government employees and increasing efficiency. Self-Serve Solutions for Efficiency and Reduced Cost Airmeez solutions can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of government agencies by automating routine tasks, such as sending reminders or processing paperwork, and allowing employees to focus on more complex issues. Airmeez provides a more convenient and accessible means of communication for citizens who may not have the ability to physically visit government offices or may have mobility or communication limitations. Overall, self-serve SaaS communication solutions can help increase citizen satisfaction, streamline government processes, and improve accessibility and convenience for all users. Learn More IVA provides an intelligent natural language voice assistant that is also learning on the job. Save caller preferences to increase efficiency and user satisfaction Notification Notify multiple active databases of any event via the channel of the recipients choosing with response tracking and location gathering. Auto Form Transcribe voice responses in any language to a finished form and automatically transfer to the proper department for review. Web Chat Enables a single agent (whose real phone number is hidden) to handle multiple chat conversations from a web-based interface. Reduced Cost, Risk, and Increased Efficiency Increased operational efficiency: Airmeez solutions can automate many routine tasks, such as call routing and inventory management, freeing up staff to focus on more critical tasks. Why Choose Airmeez Cloud SaaS? How Can Airmeez Help Today? IVA Customer service and support Citizen inquiries and requests Employee HR support IT support and help desk Fraud detection and prevention Compliance monitoring and reporting Public safety and emergency response Administrative tasks and document processing Health and human services support. Notification Emergency alerts to citizens during natural disasters or other emergencies Reminders for upcoming tax or bill payments Notifications to inform citizens about government initiatives, programs or events Alerts for job openings or recruitment notifications Notifications to inform citizens about changes in policies or regulations. Auto Form Tax forms Benefits applications License and permit applications Employment forms Passport and visa applications Healthcare forms Housing assistance forms Education forms Financial aid forms Web Chat Providing citizens with real-time support and assistance Handling inquiries and complaints from citizens Conducting remote consultations Facilitating secure and private communication Streamlining communication among government employees Improving accessibility for citizens who have difficulty accessing in-person government services Collecting and analyzing citizen feedback

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