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Reduced Risk and Cost

Airmeez Cloud Notification is unique in its response tracking and location requesting abilities. Used independently or combined, these features create a powerful and virtually unlimited number of use cases and scenarios. Applicable across diverse situations and industries.


ACNS is omnichannel, compatible with messages via SMS, voice, and/or email to any recipient list stored on file.

Targeted & Scheduled

ACNS integrates with multiple active directories to selectively reach targets. Schedule a campaign or manually send notifications  

Response Tracking

Allows for bi-directional communication. Request a response for appointment confirmation or safety status in the event of an emergency. 

Location Gathering

Without the need for an app install, ACNS can request location by embedded link to a user's smartphone. Geo-fence capabilities allow for location based notifications to specific areas. 

Airmeez Cloud Notification Solution (ACNS) builds upon our unique feature integrations and adds bi-direction communication for immediate feedback and response tracking from your recipients.

Flexible & Infinitely Scalable 

Features & Benefits

Multi-Channel Support

Airmeez supports notifications across multiple channels, such as email, SMS, push notifications, and in-app messages.

Customizable Templates

Airmeez provides pre-built notification templates that can be customized to fit the needs of the organization.


Airmeez integrates with other tools and platforms, such as CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems, marketing automation platforms, and messaging services.


Airmeez allows for the segmentation of users based on specific criteria, such as demographics, behavior, or location.

Automated Triggers

Airmeez enables automated triggers that send notifications based on user behavior or specific events, such as abandoned carts or upcoming appointments.


Airmeez allows for personalization of notifications based on user preferences, behavior, and context.

Use Cases by Industry

    Order and delivery updates, promoting in-store deals, managing loyalty programs, notifying customers about out-of-stock products, and reminding them about abandoned carts.

Intelligent Customer Service Automation

Airmeez for Retail

    Real-time updates on room availability and pricing
    Automatic notifications for room bookings and cancellations
    Notifications for scheduled events and activities
    Updates on promotions and special offers
    Service updates, such as maintenance or cleaning schedules
    Alerts for emergency situations

Faster, More Efficient Automation

Airmeez for Hospitality

    Emergency alerts to citizens during natural disasters or other emergencies
    Reminders for upcoming tax or bill payments
    Notifications to inform citizens about government initiatives, programs or events
    Alerts for job openings or recruitment notifications
    Notifications to inform citizens about changes in policies or regulations.

Reduce Risk and Improve Compliancy

Airmeez for Government

    Emergency alerts and safety notifications
    Campus event reminders and updates
    Course updates and announcements
    Deadline reminders for assignments and exams
    Tuition payment reminders and notifications
    Library resource updates and reminders.

Safety & Security for Staff, Students and Parents

Airmeez for Education

    Appointment reminders
    Test results and reports
    Medication reminders
    Emergency alerts
    Health campaigns and promotions
    Billing and payment reminders

Improve Care and Reduce Costs with Smart Automation

Airmeez for Healthcare

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